Microsoft (MS) Money FAQ, Help Articles and Links

Below are links to some Microsoft (MS) Money FAQ (frequently asked question) articles and questions which appear from time to time in the Microsoft Money newsgroup, forums or have been captured from emails or information found on the web. If you have having a problem listed, or need some information on how to do a particular task, then look at the list below or in the category lists.

This list is starting to get very long, so please use the search functionality, along with the keywords or A to Z in addition to this page.

Your Microsoft Money file may be your most important file on your computer - remember to keep GOOD backups of your files! (FAQ Article 199)

Account register and account list

ABC Information and FAQs relating to the Microsoft Money account list and the account register. These can be found off the 'Banking' menu in some versions of Money, but are the core parts of the program where transactions are entered or downloaded, and the summary list of all of your accounts are kept.

Bills and Deposits

Articles and FAQs relating to the bills and deposits place in Microsoft Money.

Budget, Categories and Classifications

Using the budget, categories, category groups and classifications in Microsoft Money.

Business Versions of Microsoft Money (Small Business)

Articles which are specific to Business versions of MS Money (i.e. "Personal & Business" in the UK, "Small Business", "Business & Personal" and "Home & Business" in the US). This section also includes invoicing in Money, and includes small business features where information is known.

FAQs relating to tax, VAT or GST can be found in the tax category.

Errors in Microsoft Money Files

Error messages, corruption issues and inconsistent behavior in Microsoft Money. If you see an error message, check here first.

File and Data Management

File and Data Management in Microsoft (MS) Money. Includes articles relating to archive, backups and managing your data file.

Import and Export FAQs

Importing and exporting account and bank statements to third party tools such as Microsoft Excel. OFX, OFC and QIF file format information.

Conversion and Installation

Converting to and from Microsoft Money from Intuit Quicken, changes between Microsoft Money versions. Installation help, information about installation problems. See also the Import and Export faq section which contains related information if your data is in another package such as Microsoft Excel.

Investments Articles

Tracking investment purchases, premium bonds, stocks, shares and other investment information. Contains some general information about the quote providers and commonly asked questions on how to perform certain investment related operations.

Loan and Mortgage Articles

Specific details on tracking loans, mortgages and other debt. Includes loan accounts in MSMoney.

Online Articles

Usage of online features in MS Money. This includes information about using Microsoft Passport with a Money file, online service policies, statements (OFX, OFC, QIF) and MSN Money.

Also includes some articles which are also found in the Import and Export and Investment sections of the FAQ where they relate to online functionality.

Other Articles

Information which I can't find a home for. General product information and tips and hints.

Planning Functions

Articles relating to the planning tools in Microsoft Money. This includes the lifetime planner, financial events modeller and the debt reduction planner (DRP).

Microsoft Money for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Articles

Articles related to Microsoft (MS) Money for the Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Smartphone software. This section also contains system requirements for the software. Includes references to Palm software (such as Ultrasoft Money) as appropriate.

See also the Pocket PC Download Files page for downloadable copies of the Microsoft software.

Product Information on Microsoft Money

General information about the MS Money product. This includes feature lists, SKU information, purchasing and system requirements. See also US Version, Canadian Version, or UK Version Pages. Information relating to Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC can be found on the Pocket PC FAQ page.

Quicken and Microsoft Money

Information related to the exchange of data mainly from Quicken to Microsoft Money, however can include articles for converting the other way.

Related Software

This category is for FAQ articles relating to other software for Microsoft Money. This includes any add-on software (excluding Money for the Pocket PC), third party software or information which relates to other Microsoft products and marketing information. See also the Microsoft Money Download Page

Reports and Reporting in Microsoft Money

Anything to do with the generation, use and customization of reports in MS Money.

Microsoft Money Software Products

Information on the Microsoft Money Software Products

Tax Articles

Information relating to tax and VAT within Microsoft Money.

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