How do I know if Money is online or offline (Money 2005+)

MS Money 2005 likes being online. In fact, it likes to try and update on the internet quite often. This isn't a great thing.

Sometimes though, you need Money online to get your stock quotes or currency rates. If you're on a dialup line or your internet connection is not working, then Money should tell you if it's in an offline state, so can't try and update.

To see what state it is in, there is a 'Go Online' image in the top left hand corner of the Money window. This is illustrated in the image below. Clicking on this should initiate a dialup (if applicable).

Go Online Image in Money 2005

Even though you see this message, you may find that Microsoft Money still accesses the internet often. To completely go offline, toggle the option at Tools->Settings->Access Your Money Data On The Web

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