You cannot open your Money file after reinstallation

If you see one of the following messages when starting Microsoft Money, then you might need to follow the directions below to get back into your file.
  • Money cannot locate filename or cannot open it, possibly because it is a read-only file or you do not have permission to change it or your disk drive is write-protected.
  • If you have chosen the correct file and it cannot be accessed, you will need to click OK and then restore your most recent backup file.
  • If the file is being used by another application, close it in the other application and click OK to try again.
The reason you see this error with Microsoft Money 2005 is that some of the CD versions were pressed before the QFE#2 update (version number was produced, and this update causes Money files to be 'upgraded'. This was a major update to the Money program (see Article 269 for some of the issues fixed).

The 'upgraded' file (which is present as you are reinstalling) cannot be read by the pre-QFE#2 software (i.e., the version you've just installed from the CD).

To avoid this problem, you need to patch the Money installation by downloading the relevant patch for Microsoft Money. In some cases, a reboot may be required after the installation of this patch.

Update: August 2011

Microsoft no longer provide the automatic download of this patch. However, it can be downloaded through this article instead.

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