Money 2005 Patches made available by Microsoft

In earlier articles, such as FAQ Article 630 and FAQ Article 648, there has has been information on building your own custom version of Money 2005, due to issues with the download of the required QFE#2 patch.

In early 2011, Microsoft stopped the servers which hosted the download, causing no perceived issues at first, but as users needed to reinstall their software, they found that as the patch was not available, they were now completely stuck - the old file could not be opened.

The problem is more prevalent in the UK and International English versions, as the US version has an upgrade path to the sunset versions of Money

At the end of July 2011, Microsoft made available a patch for UK, France and International English users. These patches are downloadable from the following locations:
If you've needed to redownload these files, you may have noticed that Microsoft no longer host them. I will continue to host them for as long as I can - but I urge you to keep a copy of the download. If you've found this useful, please consider a donation to the charity that I am supporting, by visiting, thank you.
The instructions are simple. Install Microsoft Money 2005 from the CD and then the patch. You can, if you like, create a new CD with the patch built in as per the two articles above, but it is not now necessary except for to reduce the steps and to cover a situation if Microsoft were to ever remove this download (I think it is highly unlikely for many years - Microsoft are still hosting patches from over 12 years ago for Money).

For US users, if you find that you cannot migrate to the sunset version, try installing a trial version of Money 2006 and converting your file. You could then try opening that file in the sunset version.

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