An alternative of making Money 2005 with the 1105 patch

I have attempted to employ the solution in FAQ Article 630 without success. After many attempts, I believe the original program on the cd-rom may be copyright protected in some way. In the end, the technique below did the job but, has to be followed to the letter!

In the following, PC1 is the original pc donating the copy and PC2 is the "new" machine onto which the program is being copied.

  1. Remove any existing copies of the program, data and back-up files from PC2 in their entirety. Re-start PC2.
  2. Create a new MONEY directory in PC2 “MY DOCUMENTS” and copy the data file (not the back up) from PC1 to the new MONEY directory in PC2.
  3. Load the MONEY 2005 program from the original cd-rom onto PC2 in the usual way. When loaded, restart PC2 but do not open ANY files.
  4. Using a pen/usb drive, copy the entire MICROSOFT MONEY 2005 directory from the Programs directory on PC1, including all sub-directories and files. Add a copy of your MONEY back-up data file to the pen drive.
  5. Now plug the pen drive into any available USB port on PC2 and open the MONEY program directory you copied in 4 above. Select ALL and copy to the MICROSOFT MONEY 2005 program directory.
  6. When asked whether you wish to replace all files - press NO! Select "YES" for any individual file dated later than it is replacing and "NO" if asked to replace any file of similar date and size. There are many files and this is tedious but be patient! When finished restart PC2 and then try and load your DATA file within PC2's MONEY documents file. It may load but if it doesn't, use the RESTORE facility employing the back-up file from the pen drive.
  7. I hope this your EUREKA moment!
Finally, I strongly recommend you copy the PC1 program directory from the pen/usb drive and this document onto a cd-rom and other safe storage (e.g. DropBox) and file it with the MONEY 2005 installation disk, for your future use.

Thanks to Tigger for this solution

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