Creating a self contained installation of Money 2005 with the 1105 patch

This solution was given by a user of Money 2005 France, and has been confirmed to work with other language versions (UK, International English, US and Canada). You will require the Money 2005 CD and a version of Money which has been installed and successfully patched (which is the same regional version).
  1. Create a folder in which to create the new setup source. For example, create a 'Money2005Update' folder on the desktop.
  2. Show hidden files on your computer by navigating in Windows Explorer to Tool->Folder Options->View and select both the 'Show hidden files and folders' and also untick
    'Hide protected operating system files" option and then press OK (instructions for non-Windows XP may vary slightly here).
  3. Copy the files from Money2005 CD to the folder you created in Step 1.
  4. Copy the entire contents of the MnyCoreFiles folder from an updated installation of Money (you will find this folder in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Money 2005). You may see folders called MnyCoreFiles.NEW and/or MnyCoreFiles.BAK - these can be ignored
  5. The files from the MNYCoreFiles folder should be pasted into the 'money' subfolder of the folder created above (i.e. Money2005Update\money).
  6. Replace the files when prompted
When completed, the contents of the Money2005Update folder now contains an installation of the Money 2005 program with the patch integrated into it.

You'll need to burn a CD with this folder on it. When you need to reinstall, you can do so from this new CD without relying on the Microsoft servers to deliver you the 1105 patch update.

Important: This method should ONLY be used for your personal use - running this for a third party would most likely be a breach of the terms of your license to use Money, and is possibly illegal. The aim is to allow those who legitmately own Money to continue to use their Money file

An alternative for those who can't get this working can be found in FAQ Article 648

Credit to Jean-Paul in the newsgroup for posting this solution (in French) to that group.

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