Known fixes in the 1105 Microsoft Money 2005 Update

The Microsoft Money 2005 update (mentioned in Article 35) contains a lot of fixes that made the program a lot more stable and working again.

Some of these fixes are listed below:
  • Number of shares double when importing a statement which includes a buy transaction on the same day the statement is imported
  • 'Unspecified error' when transferring funds from a credit card account
  • General email not supported in Money 2005
  • Money does not correctly total multiple positions for the same security
  • Merge account tool creates duplicate transactions for past 30 days after
    merging accounts
  • Transfer data in a sync response is not processed (INTRASYNCRS) by Money
  • Subsequent emails downloads from institution’s OFX server not displayed in Money 2005 after user deletes initial email downloaded to Money 2005
  • Opening balances in accounts are not accurate after you converting older Money data file to Money 2005 data file. Additional information - KB 889929
  • "Account setup is temporarily unavailable" error when attempting to set up an account in Money 2005. Additional information - KB 889927
  • FAQ addressing common issues experienced after converting older Money data files to Money 2005 data files. Additional information - KB 889246
  • Duplicate accounts are created when setting up Money 2005 to download online information. Additional information - KB 889926
  • Customer cannot make payment via credit card
  • Ability to use dual drop down category lists restored (see Article 74)
This is not a full list of problems fixed.

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