I tried the trial version of 2005, and then bought the product. It won't open the file I created!

This error is almost certainly because the trial version of Money 2005, which you used, had the November 2004 patch (sometimes known as the 1105 update) integrated with it. Some boxed versions (for example, the UK one) do not have this patch, as the product was packaged and sent to distributors before this became available.

To see if your version has the patch, you look at Help->About and then the final number - 1105 indicates that is has, 0825 or 0730 indicates that it hasn't. However, you can't do this unless you open another file because you can't get that far due to the error.

What you need to do, is to open the sample file (found in the Microsoft Money directory at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money" or create a new file. Then check the version number again. At this point, if the version number is wrong, Money will want to download an update (if you are online). The product will display a message stating this. Let the update download and install - it may take a little while on a modem line, but is relatively quick on DSL. When Money has downloaded its update you should restart the program. Try to open your file again - making sure you open the correct file, as Money will open the last one you used.

See also Article 204 - Money 2005 downloadable update does not download, and Article 269 - Known fixes in the 1105 update.

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