Microsoft Premium 2005 Pack (for UK users)

Microsoft Money in the UK is sold in 3 forms
  1. Standard - the standard money package which is commonly bought
  2. Deluxe - the same as standard, but with the addition of TaxSaver. However, this is no longer sold as the TaxSaver software is out of date
  3. Microsoft Premium 2005 Pack - A collection of software including Microsoft Money - described below.

Microsoft Premium 2005 Pack

The premium pack is a collection of 5 Microsoft products, which have been bundled into one boxed set. This set includes Money 2005 Standard. In total, the package contains the following programs: If you're thinking of getting Money and one of these other programs, then it is likely that you would save money by getting this package instead of separate packages.

You can browse for more details at this page: Microsoft Premium 2005 Pack.

The links above to the subproducts are the closest matches I could find in for the products.

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