Advisor FYI and Expert Assistant message types

The Advisor FYI or Expert Assistant will provide you messages depending on the selections you have made. There are a number of selections that you can make, some of which can be seen on the image below:

List of expert assistant/advisor FYI subjects

You can reach the above window by clicking Tools->Alerts Center. Then select the option on the right hand side of the screen to customize the Advisor FYI or Expert Assistant. You should next select the 'Choose Advisor FYI' or 'Choose Expert Assistant' tab.

Each of these subjects provide a number of different messages.
  • Account Balance Limits - Lets you know when your account balances are too high or too low. You can set these limits on the account balances tab (Article 372)
  • Monthly spending by category - Lets you know if you have gone over you monthly spending limit on an expense category. These can be set on the monthly spending tab (Article 341)
  • Important Dates - Tells Money to remind you on a certain date to perform certain actions, such as file a tax return, renew insurance etc (Article 342)
  • Investment alerts - Lets you know when an investment has reached a specific price. These are not in real time, but when Money updates prices
  • Debt and Credit Management - You will see alerts relating to the debt reduction plan and credit accounts
  • Investing - These reminders are about ways to invest your money (these are shown on the home page and in the monthly report)
  • Home and Mortgage - Messages about home ownership are displayed, again in the monthly report and home page.
  • Budgeting - Messages are displayed on the home page or monthly report about sticking to a budget and how to save more
  • Tax - The Advisor FYI or Expert Assistant will show messages in the report or home page on tax issues
  • Frequent Flyer - Messages about the status of any frequent flyer programs you may belong to
It is possible to turn any or all of these off.

A typical message is shown below (this relates to the debt and credit management section):

Avoid cash advances on your credit card

The above list, and the example expert assistant message, were generated from a UK 2005 version and a US 2006 version - the subjects above might not be available in all versions.

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