Creating classifications in Microsoft Money

To create classifications (see Article 189), you will need to go to your Accounts. On the Account Tools menu, you will have a 'Categories and Payees' option. (Banking -> Account Tools -> Categories and Payees)

You will notice that in the left hand side of the window, there are 'Classification 1' and 'Classification 2'. Select one of these, and put in the name of the classification, or select a predefined one.

Choosing a predefined or user classification in Microsoft (MS) Money

Once you have defined the name of the classification, you can create a Class or Subclass. This is in a very similar way to creating categories and subcategories. Press the 'New..' button at the base of the page to get started.

Creating a new Class in Microsoft Money

To create a subclass, the instructions would be the same, except you should first select the class you wish to expand with the subclass, and then press 'New'.

In the example below, I have created a new class called 'House 1', and selected it in a transaction form. Notice that the label to the left of the dropdown shows the type of classification, which was selected to be 'Properties' in my example.

Transaction form showing the Classification in the Drop Down List

Classifications are very useful for subdividing data up in a different way to categories.

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