Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage accessing MSN Portfolio Manager

During April 2008, the MSN Money site had some of its certificates updated. This has caused the display of a page which says 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'.

To be able to see the Portfolio Manager again correctly, use the following process:
  1. First, restart Internet Explorer if you have not already done do, and try again
  2. Check that you can access the new beta basic portfolio. This can be found at this URL
  3. If this works, go back to the old basic portfolio - the URL is here. You may need to step through a couple of options, such as pressing a 'Use Basic Tools' button and then selecting which view you want
  4. Assuming this works, go to the deluxe portfolio again. This can be done by using the 'Upgrade to Deluxe' or 'Upgrade Now!' link which is on the portfolio page
If this process does not work, then you may need to remove the MSN investing components. The commands are quite involved, but can be found in KB 176841 on the Microsoft site.

Category: Investment

Keywords: Portfolio Manager, Basic Tools, Deluxe, MSN