Localized versions of Money for the Pocket PC

The Pocket PC software only comes in English. It is not possible to download another language version (for example French, Italian or Japanese).

You can find the English download on the Pocket PC Download page. According to the readme.txt file for the software, this version can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Money US, Canadian, UK and International versions only.

It might be possible to install, using the same technique as Article 243, however it will be an English version and if it did work, I would be very wary of data integrity. You will not get any support. (I would appreciate confirmation whether this works or not).

On some earlier versions of the Money for Pocket PC software, an error would occur, telling you that you're not using a US version of Money. This can be safely ignored.

Because there is no localization, you may see one or two unexpected errors, such as when updating investment prices on the Pocket PC, non-US stocks and funds might not update.

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