Running Money for the Pocket PC 2003 on a Windows Mobile 2003 Device

The Microsoft website states that you need to run Money 2004 on the desktop and Money for the Pocket PC 2004 on the Pocket PC if you have a Windows Mobile 2003 device. Because many people still run Money 2003, and do not want to upgrade, then a workaround is required. This was posted to the Microsoft Money and Pocket PC newsgroups.

This workaround is below. I have not tested it.
  1. Uninstall Money for the Pocket PC 2003 if you already have installed it
  2. Reinstall Money for the Pocket PC from the desktop
  3. When you receive an error message on the Pocket PC, do nothing - ignore it
  4. On the Pocket PC, go to file explorer and create a new folder and then go to the Windows directory.
  5. In the windows directory there is a folder called 'install'
  6. In that folder, the Money for the Pocket PC install file will be present - copy that file to the new folder you created earlier
  7. After copying, acknowledge the error message from earlier
  8. Go to the new folder created and execute the install file
This means you now have Money for the Pocket PC 2003 running on your Windows Mobile 2003 device, and it will synchronize next time you connect through ActiveSync.

This configuration is NOT supported by Microsoft, as it is not a mechanism published by them. Therefore you'll be using it at your own risk. Make sure you make frequent backups of your data (see also Article 199), although I'm not aware of this causing anyone any problems.

If you need to get a copy of the Money for the Pocket PC software, then this can be found on the PocketPC software download page.

This article was derived from one posted by 'Thomas' on the US Money newsgroup

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