Microsoft Money 2006 Timeline

Microsoft Money 2006 launched in the US on July 5th, in Canada on July 7th and Japan in October 2005.
  • Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC 2006, is now available on the Pocket PC Downloads Page [Added 8th September 2005]
  • Moneylink is now available from this website on the MoneyLink Download Page or from Ultrasoft at [Added 12th August 2005]
  • The Currency List for the Money 2006 versions and the list of categories in the US product can be found on this website.
  • The only versions of Microsoft Money to be released this year will be US, Canadian and Japanese versions. Although there are no localized products for other countries (e.g. UK, France, International), this does not mean that there will no longer be any. [added 11th July 2005]. See also Article 220
  • Microsoft have updated their Money home page at [added 5th July 2005].
  • Release date of Microsoft Money is 5th (US) or 7th (CA) July 2005 [added 18 June 2005].
  • You can order it from amazon now [21st June 2005]:
  • Product details. [21st June 2005]:
  • Microsoft Money 2006 SKU's are available and are being listed on the Money 2006 Product Page. There appears to be two versions of the retail packaging - a mini box (DVD) and a standard box. These will have CD's inside though. [11th May 2006]
  • There are four versions of 2006 - Small Business, Premium, Deluxe and Standard - this is the same as last year [11th May 2006]
  • The new MSN Money ( seems to point to a few things which could be in the next version of Money, given that MS Money and MSN Money seem to be merging. The portfolio manager uses a 'Microsoft Money 2006' folder.
    Firstly, it seems to have some new backup options (backup history). Maybe an indication of something which has been needed for years. [Added 29th April 2005, Modified 15 June 2005]
  • Potential beta testers started receiving beta invites for the US Money 2006 on Thursday 24th March 2005. This is *much* earlier than in previous years, which could imply a US version in June or July 2005. [Added 25th March 2005]
  • What's to come from Microsoft in 2005 (basically Money 2006 is on the list, that's it) [Added 7 January 2005]
If you want to submit a wish for a future version of Money (you're submitting for at earliest Microsoft Money 2008 now as you've will have missed any deadlines for Microsoft Money 2007), then see this page. The Microsoft Money 2007 timeline is being recorded in Article 242.

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