Submitting Wishes to Microsoft for Microsoft Money

Although sometimes wishes, bug fixes and feature requests for Microsoft Money do appear to be ignored, Microsoft do like to get them to help improve their products and to gauge what users thoughts on changes to the product could be.

Microsoft do not respond to submissions through email or telephone, but just because you don't get a response, it doesn't mean the request is not read - they read each suggestion that comes in. The lead time for wishes can be very long, as there needs to be a perceived need and volume for things to get implemented. Think of the earliest (and this could apply to any product) that a wish could be implemented (unless it is already in development) as being at least 18 months away, as it would need to get through specification, design, implementation and test before being included in the relevant product.

The most popular wishes are usually the ones that get implemented. Microsoft Money UK users should send UK specific wishes using the UK link, but also could send more general ones to the main Microsoft US link if they are non-region specific.

Wishes submitted at the present time could be considered for potential Microsoft Money 2010 or Microsoft Money 2011 products.

Wish Submission Links

Microsoft have changed the way that product feedback is collected, and it is now done through Microsoft Connect. However, if you are not a member of Connect, you could use the feedback link on the MSN Money site (as the product group that runs the MSN Money site also owns the Microsoft Money product).

Note that you shouldn't use the wish/feedback links for support, as Microsoft will ignore these requests.

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