Running Money in Compatibility Mode

Some of the earlier versions of Microsoft Money will run under Windows Vista, but only in what is called 'compatibility mode'. This is a mechanism of running programs which are designed for earlier versions of Money.

Microsoft Money can be run in this way reasonably simply by changing some of the settings which are used when launching the program.

The simplest way to set the properties are as follows:
  • Navigate to the Start Menu, but do not click the Microsoft Money option
  • Click the right mouse button, which will bring up a context menu as seen below

    Context menu for Microsoft Money running under Windows Vista

  • Select the 'properties' option with the left mouse button.
  • On the properties window, select the 'compatibility' tab - the compatibility tab contents are seen in the next image.

    Compatibility mode tab in Windows Vista

  • The important option is the first option to run the program in one of 6 modes - Windows 95, Windows 98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 (SP5), Windows 2000, Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Server 2003 (SP1).
  • Choose Windows XP if running any version from Money 2002 onwards, otherwise you can go with Windows 98/ME

    Versions of Windows availability in the compatibility mode tab

  • Press OK to save the settings
You may need to revist the window later on as some ealier versions of Money may require you to run with administrative permissions. If this is the case, follow the same procedure, but check the 'run this program as an administrator' option also.

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Keywords: Windows, Compatibility, Administrator