Missing balance of account display under bills and deposits list

On the bills and deposits view, there is a light blue bar underneath the list of bills and deposits. In some versions of Microsoft Money, this showed the balance of an account after the selected bill is paid. This can be seen in the image below

Balance of account after a bill is paid in Microsoft Money

This feature was removed in Microsoft Money 2006 (see other items removed from Money versions). The blue bar now displays nothing, as seen in the image below.

Missing Balance of account after a bill is paid in Microsoft Money

One quirk of Money 2006 is that if you select the whitespace above the balance line, then the balance of the account, which is featured in the final bill in your bills and deposits list, is shown in this space. You can't though select another bill and hope for that to be displayed though.

Thanks to Mario for pointing out the ability to view the final bill or deposit balance

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Keywords: deposit, balance, account, bill

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