Transactions from bills and deposits are automatically marked as reconciled or cleared

When entering a bill or deposit from the bills and deposits area, either automatically or manually, the transaction in the account register might be entered with a reconciled 'R', cleared 'C' or electronically cleared 'E' in the Cleared column.

The reason that this happens is that Microsoft Money allows you to add a scheduled bill or deposit directly from the register (to make a particular transaction recurring). If have added a bill or deposit from a reconciled or cleared transaction, Money remembers this reconciled or cleared setting as it puts the transaction in the bills and deposits area. It subsequently will automatically mark the transaction as reconciled or cleared every time it enters it from the bills and deposits area. In most cases, this is undesirable behavior. It is not possible to remove this status from the entry in the bills and deposits area.

To avoid this, delete the scheduled bill or deposit and re-enter it manually into the bills and deposits area, or add it from a transaction in the register which is not cleared or reconciled.

This problem does not appear to be present in Microsoft Money 2007.

Category: BillsDeposits

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