What are the features of the UK Microsoft Money 2003 Versions

The features of each UK 2003 version are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. System Requirements can be found at Article 156.

Note that there was no Small Business (Personal and Business) version for Microsoft Money 2003 in the UK.

Managing your personal financesStandard Financial Suite
Track your current accounts, savings, loans, credit cards, investments, assets, liabilities and mortgagexx
Account Registers to record and view transactionsxx
Schedule single and regular bills and depositsxx
Bill Estimatorxx
Automatically enter bills in advancexx
Budget and track spendingxx
Forecast cash flowxx
Background online banking *1xx
Links to most major UK banksxx
Imports statements from most major UK banks *2xx
Easy reconciliation of downloaded transactionsxx
Payee Rules Manager for downloaded transactionsxx
Customisable home pagexx
Alternative task-based home pagexx
Link to news and views from FTyourmoney x
35 customisable Standard Reportsxx
Monthly Reportsxx
Comparison Reportsxx
Reports can be emailed or exported in several formatsxx
Track investment performancexx
Download investment prices from MSN® Moneyxx
Synchronise investment data with MSN® Moneyxx
Set investment alerts for specific price pointsxx
Set investment alerts for specific datesxx
Portfolio Customisation Toolbar - save multiple viewsxx
View your portfolio as of a specific datexx
Option to delete historical prices for non-owned sharesxx
Online Investing Research Areaxx
Calculate Capital Gainsxx
Track and forecast growth for savings accountsxx
Multi-currency support, including the euroxx
Home Inventoryxx
Debt Planner xx
Lifetime Plannerxx
Specify and work towards your financial prioritiesxx
Information and feedback from the Expert Assistantxx
Create a Will *3xx
Track Air Miles and other Loyalty schemesxx
Create 'What if' scenariosxx
Wizard to convert from Quicken 5, 6, 98 and 2000xx
Import QIF files created by Quickenxx
Synchronise with Money for the Pocket PC *5xx
Export tax data compatible with TaxSaver® 2003xx
TaxSaver 2002 Deluxe CD x

*1 Requires a Microsoft .NET Passport

*2 For more details, see the list of Financial Institutions and their level of support for Money

*3 Will worksheet is suitable for England and Wales only

*5 Requires Pocket PC 2002

Please note that some features - including online banking and links to MSN Money, FTyourmoney and the Online Investing Research Area - require an Internet connection.

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