Merging duplicate accounts after online bank setup

If you have accounts in your Money file, and decide to use online banking for those accounts, you may need to merge the information from the bank with the information in your file.

When Money sets up an online bank, it creates a new account in your file - this may mean you have two for the same financial institution - one downloaded and one which was present before.

As part of the online setup experience, Money checks your file for potential duplications, and will show the following dialog box:

There may be a duplicate of the account you've just created in your account list. To merge duplicate accounts, click OK, and then in the left pane, click Merge duplicate accounts.

Merge duplicate accountsYou should click OK at the dialogue box, and then, in the left pane of the page, there will be an option to merge duplicate accounts (it is in the 'Other Tasks' section).

Money will show you a list of accounts that can be merged. On the left hand side of the page is the original account, and on the right it will be a dropdown list of online banks. If there are no accounts to be merged, Money will display the page but with the simple text 'You have no accounts to merge'.

Your money file may contain two versions of some accounts: one version that was downloaded when you set up online services and one that contains the transactions you
    add manually. On this page, you can merge these duplicate accounts

After selecting the accounts to merge, press OK, and the accounts become one.

There is one more step before finishing, and that is to remove any duplicate transactions. These can occur if both accounts had recent transactions. You should delete any duplicates. This is given as a warning to you in a dialog box, which confirms the duplication. The only option from this dialog is to press OK and go to the account itself.

Congratulations! You have successfully merged your accounts. If both of the account you merged had recent transactions, the merged account may contain duplicate transactions. To see your merged account in the account list and delete any possible duplicates, click OK

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