Creating Multiple Investments with same stock or fund symbol

If you own a investment or stock and need to track it in more than one investment account (for example as part of a investment fund and in addition as an individual stock, or you and your spouse own the stock independently), you may run into a problem where you appear to be unable to add the same investment twice.

Microsoft Money does not allow you to define the same symbol on more than one investment as all investment symbols must be unique within the program.

To overcome this problem, you should select the investment from the drop down list rather than create a new investment.

However, by using the same stock details, reporting is improved. You will be able to, for example run reports based on the specific investment across multiple investment accounts, which you wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

Also, the portfolio view can be customized to show information about the individual investments within it. YOu will be able to see market data on your investments - if you had two stocks the same (of which one wouldn't have a symbol), then you would have more gaps in that information.

Category: Investment

Keywords: stock, investment, symbol