Product Activation in MS Money Products

In Microsoft products such as Office and Windows, there is something known as product activation. This is a scheme whereby Microsoft force you to enable parts of the program online or over the phone.

In Money, there wasn't such an activation scheme until the release of Microsoft Money 2008. For earlier versions, the product worked in a slightly different way (if it a 2003 or later version, depending on the region and type). The scheme that Money used was to remove access to certain parts of the program over time - those parts which use online services (Article 498)

You can see the list of what the licenses say in Article 186 for US versions, and Article 306 for non-US versions. Note that non-US 2003 and 2004 versions of Money have no timeouts.

Microsoft Money 2008 introduced product activation. An article can be seen at Article 502.

The Microsoft statement on activation can be seen at Article 521.

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