Statement from Microsoft about Product Activation

Activation is aimed at reducing software counterfeiting, thereby helping to ensure that Microsoft customers receive the software quality that they expect. Once your software is activated, a specific product activation key becomes associated with the computer (the hardware) on which your software is installed. This association prevents the product key from being used to activate the same copy of the software on multiple computers as counterfeit software.

During activation of this software, a product activation key is sent to Microsoft. Microsoft uses this information to confirm that you have a validly licensed copy of the software, as well as for statistical analysis. Microsoft does not use the information to identify you or contact you.

In order to use the full functionality of the software, you must activate the software within sixty (60) days of installation. If you choose not to activate the software, you will not be able to enter or download new transactions into your Microsoft Money accounts. If the software is not correctly licensed, you will not be able to activate it.

Category: Installation

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