Product Activation in Microsoft Money Plus 2008

Microsoft Money 2008 is the first US version of Money that Microsoft have asked for activation of the product. Activation is similar to other Microsoft products.

Each activation key allows you to activate Money on 2 devices - this really means using it on a desktop and optionally a laptop. However, once the two activations are used, then you can't activate it with the same key again - this is similar to other programs such as Microsoft Office.

Activation keys are 27 alphanumeric digits long in the format XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. If you have downloaded the software, then one should be provided with the receipt (email confirmation) from Digital River. If you have a boxed copy, then the activation key will be in the box on the CD case. For OEM installations, the OEM should provide the code in the documentation which comes with your machine. If you cannot enter all of the digits, see Article 533.

If you change the hardware in your PC, then this shouldn't affect the activated product. However, if you change a large amount (typically this could be the motherboard). Changing a large amount of hardware will make your system look like a new PC to the activation process and you'll be asked to activate again.

If you have activated twice, and changed your hardware, the third activation will fail and you will need to contact Microsoft or Digital River (depending on where you obtained the software) to enable the activation.

You a required to activate the product within 60 days of first use, and will be prompted for this with a message similar to that below:

You must activate Money within 60 days of the first time 
    you use it to continue to use all of the product’s features. Would you like to activate now?

This message will appear each time you run Money until you activate it. There is no option to hide it.

When you reach 15 days before the required activation date, the above message will change and also start providing the actual number of days you have left:

Money has not been activated. You have 15 days left to activate this product so that online services and other features continue to be available. Would you like to activate now?

In addition, the program will provide a reminder on closing:

Money has not been activated. If you do not activate within 15 days, you will not be able to enter new transactions of use online services in Money. To activate now, click Activate.

What happens if I do not activate? - see Article 519

You can determine how many days you have left before you need to activate by clicking on the Help->About option within Money Plus itself. On the displayed page will be the expiration date.

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