Money Plus activation only lets me enter four digits instead of five

When entering the activation key (Article 502) for Money Plus, there are a number of boxes which allow you to put in the code. If you find that you can only enter four digits instead of five in the activation code fields, this is because you are using large fonts on your Windows system.

To workaround this, perform one of the following options:
  • Change the font size to the normal (default) size. This can be done through the Windows control panel or by right clicking the desktop and selecting the appropriate option (Personalize in Vista). You should refer to Windows Help for more information here.
  • Alternatively, copy the full activation key and paste into the Activation dialog box. Include the dashes
If your key is a 'physical' one, for example coming in a CD box, then the second option can be achieved by typing into another program, such as WordPad or NotePad, and then copy/pasting.

This problem should be fixed in Money Plus SP1 (Article 546).

Category: Installation

Keywords: Large Fonts, Activation, Dialog, Four, Five, Font Size