Money Plus Service Pack 1 (SP1)

SP1 for Money Plus was released on 24 March 2008 through smartconnect.

The following issues were addressed in the service pack:
  • Resolves a conflict with the DEP setting in Windows Vista and in some versions of Windows XP. This conflict caused Money Plus to crash (Article 512).
  • Money Plus Activation now accepts all characters if Windows is set to use Large Fonts (Article 533).
  • Activation improvements for firewall and proxy configurations are included.
  • Activation improvements for non-administrator configurations are included.
  • Performance is improved when you work with Money Plus data files that contain many “unaccepted transactions.”
  • Other fixes to improve compatibility with Windows Vista are included.
If you have disabled the spending tracker (Article 539), then it has been reported that this update should also allow you to put it back in again.

The update will cause the version number of Money Plus to change to 17.0.*.1415.

If you're experiencing constant requests to download this update, please see Article 547, Article 549 and Article 555 for some help.

Category: Product

Keywords: DEP, Spending Tracker, SP1, Activation, Service Pack