Constant requests to update Money Plus SP1 on Windows XP SP2

There have been a number of reports that the update for Money Plus (Article 546) doesn't always install on Windows XP SP2, and you receive constant requests to install the update, with the message: "To continue operating successfully, Money requires a software update. Click OK to close Money and begin the update now"

Some things you can try to fix this and get the update installed:
  • Turn off any 'compatibility' options that you may have on the msmoney.exe executable and try again. The executable can be found in the hidden folder MNYCoreFiles (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles), so you'll need to change the folder options to view it)
  • Create a new administrative account and run Money in that. See if it causes the program to update
  • If you purchased a download copy of Money, make sure you sign into the account you used to purchase the software (MSN/HotMail, Windows Live etc)
  • Turn off DEP (see Article 512)
  • Try this also (which was posted to the Microsoft Money newsgroup)
    1. Sign into your new user profile and make sure it has administrator rights
    2. Go to c:\program files\microsoft money and right click on the folder and clear the read only box attribute (accept the option to apply this to subfolders and files)
    3. Re-start the computer and open the sample file
    4. Run the update and close money reboot the computer
    5. Open one of your money back up files in the new user profile and made sure that it was not asking for the update
    6. Switch back to the old profile and open the money program and verify that it does not ask for an update and that Help - About now says you have version
  • See the additional article at Article 549
Thanks to Mark for one of the solutions above

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