Bond handling in Microsoft Money 2000 onwards

The way that bonds are defined in Microsoft Money changed in Money 2000. It appears that the prices are 100 times too low. This is because the price is now defined as percentage of par value.

In Microsoft Money 2000 and later, the program automatically calculates the value of the investment by multiplying the price by the quantity and then dividing by 100.

So, you should enter the Quantity as the par value of the bond. The price should be entered as the price from the bond broker and the accrued interest as confirmed from the bond broker.

In Money 2000 and 2001, the bond price must be entered as a percentage of the par value (the value of the bond when it matures).

The simplest way to handle this is to just put in a price 100x what you think it should be, ie put in $100 when you want $1.00, or let Money calculate the value for you, given the quantity and total investment transaction value.

Category: Investment

Keywords: bond, 2000