Switching to the advanced budget in Money 2007 & Plus

There are three budget types in Money 2007 & Money Plus- the Essential Budget, the Advanced Budget and the new Spending and Savings Budget (Article 442).

If you are an existing user, with an existing advanced budget, then this continues to operate in the same way as usual, and you have an option to switch to other budget types. You also can create a new advanced budget by clicking tools->settings, budget settings and then 'create a new budget'.

If you've got a new file or an essential budget, then it is not simple to work out how to switch to the advanced budget. This is because it is hidden from view for these type of users.

Microsoft Money Web Address Bar

If you put in the Money web address bar the link money://navigate/newadvbgt and press enter, you can then create a new Advanced Budget from a clean file.

The Money Web Address bar is found at the top of the Money window, as illustrated in the image above.

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