Synchronizing Money Files with Live Mesh

The Live Mesh service is a free service from Microsoft for synchronizing your data to the 'cloud'. This makes it a useful mechanism for saving data remotely.

You can put files into a folder and these are automatically synchronized, without having to do anything else.

Unfortunately, both .MNY and .MBF files are not synchronized by Live Mesh. It appears that these extensions are blocked by the service (along with others including .BAK, .GFS, .PST, and .TMP)

As the service blocks the extensions, you will need to rename your backup (or Money) file to get around this restriction. For example, rename .MBF to .MBFx or something which is memorable to you (so you know what type of file it is) and it will start synchronizing.

I would recommend using the compressed form of backups when saving to a Live Mesh'ed folder, so as to reduce bandwidth on your Internet connection.

Category: FileManagement

Keywords: Live Mesh, Synchronization, Cloud