How do I change my passport account

If you use a Microsoft passport to sign into Money, and you subsequently change to a new passport, you might find that when you log into Money the old passport email address continues to be shown, especially if you have asked Money to remember the password for it.

To get Money to use your new passport email address, the best way is as follows:
  1. Detach your Money file from passport (on the File-> menu, change to a standard password or no password at all)
  2. Restart Money - you won't be asked for a passport, and will get straight into Money (unless you put a standard passport on the file)
  3. Go back to the File-> menu and change the security on the file to use the new passport
  4. Restart Money, and when you restart Money, it should start using the new passport email account.
If you want to remove the passport, see Article 55

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