How do I remove a Microsoft Passport/Windows Live account from my Money File

To successfully remove a Microsoft (.NET) Passport (Windows Live) from a Microsoft Money file, you first need to login to that passport online. This is because it is required to successfully authenticate you, to ensure you have the correct privilege. You cannot use the offline mode in most versions of Microsoft Money to do this.

You can then use the remove option (on the File->Password Manager menu). If you are going to delete your passport, do not do this until after you've removed the passport from the file, otherwise the Microsoft Money file cannot be disassociated with the Passport/Live account. If you already have do this though, then you might be able to login to the Passport in an offline manner and then export/import all your accounts (but that's time consuming) - See Article 28.

Removing a Microsoft Passport/Live account should not be done if you use the Yodlee interface ('Essential' Accounts) in Microsoft Money 2005 or later (US only). If you did, then accounts you download using the Yodlee service will cease to function and the data in those accounts may not be correct.

If this does not work, please also see Article 557.

Category: Online

Keywords: Essential, Yodlee, Live, Passport