Live ID/Passport Unavailable in Money 2002, 2003 and 2004

The Microsoft Passport Network is no longer supported as from 31 July 2008.

This means that when logging in with a passport enabled version of a Money file after this time, you'll see one of the following error messages:
Your sign-in information could not be verified. Go online or select the Work offline check box, and then reenter your sign-in information.

Money is unable to verify your online sign in. Money will try to log you in using work offline.

The sign in attempt for username@e-mail_server_address was unsuccessful. Please try your sign in name and password again.
The online service support for all of these versions of Money (also Money 2005) has ended.

There are two workarounds:
  1. Upgrade your version of Money to the latest version (see Article 563 for some links to downloadable, purchasable versions of the software) - if outside the US, make sure you view Article 535 instead.

  2. Remove the Live ID from the file (this also includes backup files). Make sure you save a copy of the file before starting:
    • Start Money
    • Open the Money file, but select 'Work Offline' when opening
    • Click File->Password Manager and then 'Remove'
    • Click on 'Disable this passport for use in Money'
    • Click Next and Finish
    • Click OK and exit Money
With the passport/live ID removed, you may wish to put a standard password on the file.

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