What will happen when my UK Microsoft Money 2005 expires

Microsoft Money 2005 was the first version in the UK which had a two year online services policy (Article 306 and Article 59).

Because there is no Microsoft Money 2006 version in the UK (Article 220), and that Intuit Quicken has pulled out of the UK market (Intuit Quicken discontinuation in the United Kingdom), it makes the future of Microsoft Money uncertain. Consequently, this uncertainty is felt with people whose 2005 versions that might expire in 2006.

The initial answer to this question is 'Don't panic'. Microsoft are well aware of the issue. There are a number of things that could happen on this - here are a few scenarios:
  1. Quotes and Downloads Expire

    This is the current anticipated scenario, only because no information is available to counter it. If this happens, then the Microsoft Money product will continue to function, but you won't be able to download quotes or import statements.
  2. The quote and download lifetime is extended

    If Microsoft put the expiration in, they could also take it out or change the date. For instance, if they skipped MS Money 2007 and released a Microsoft Money 2008, then they may want to do this, to avoid any issues as many people would technically have problems with the quotes expiring.
  3. The lifetime isn't extended but Microsoft deliver a version of Microsoft Money 2007

    Assuming that the new version of Microsoft Money was available before the 2 years are up (the initial release date of MS Money 2005 was 14th September 2004), i.e. before 14th September 2006, then this could happen.
One thing you may want to try on a clean machine (after taking a backup of your Money file), is setting the date forwards to a date after the anticipated expiration of the product (note that it expires for all on 1st September 2007) and see what actually will happen at present. It is enlightening.

Update: News on Microsoft Money 2007 UK can be found at Article 435.

Update - July 2007

The product page on the UK Money site was updated to say 31st December 2009 would be the expiry date.

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