Money 2007 (and Money Plus) in the United Kingdom (UK)

In late September 2006, the two UK MVPs (Bob Peel and Glyn Simpson) visited the Microsoft UK office in Reading. We asked about any version of UK Microsoft Money 2007, as there had been silence from all quarters about the version.

Our suspicions were confirmed, in that we were told there would not be a UK version. We have had these suspicions for a long time, due to the fact no beta testers were contacted, nor was there any information about the product. In addition, the UK version normally comes out a few weeks after the US version, and a long time period had elapsed.

However, this is not to say that there will or will not be a future UK edition. I suspect Microsoft will remain tight lipped on this. Another year probably of waiting and seeing what will happen.

Update: September 2008 - Note that Microsoft chose not to release a UK version of Money Plus, and that Money Plus remains the current US release. No 'official' announcement on UK money has ever been made, but it looks increasingly likely that Money 2005 is the last version.

If you want to use the US version, then see Article 535. Take special note of the notes at the bottom of the page. You cannot directly upgrade from UK Money to US Money (although can do it through an export/import procedure).

Update: June 2009 - Microsoft announced that Money plus would be discontinued and no longer sold after June 2009. End of life will be 31 January 2011. There will definitely not be another UK version.

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