Digita TaxSaver Deluxe - 2004/5 tax year

This message was sent to all registered TaxSaver UK users on 2nd March 2005

As a TaxSaver Deluxe user we are contacting you to advise that this product is being replaced by an alternative service for the tax year 2004/05. The Digita Online Tax Return service is free, secure and easy to use. Visit http://www.taxcentral.co.uk/ for further information.

If you tax affairs are complicated we recommend that you choose a tax specialist from our national database of tax advisers. Visit http://www.taxcentral.co.uk/ for further information.

If you are an industry professional and prepare Tax Returns for clients, you should consider our award-winning personal tax solution.

For further information visit http://www.digita.com/taxabilitypro or call our Professional Sales Division on 01395 270 311.

Digita Customer Support

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My comment: TaxSaver has been part of the financial suite package in the UK for a few years. Removal of the product has implications on the production of a financial suite edition for 2005/6 in the UK - as the product would need to change to cope with it, or not be produced at all. We have learnt that there will NOT be a 2006 version of UK Money (see Article 220).

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