Portfolio shows out of date data

An ongoing issue with the portfolio (since about mid-August 2005) was that the portfolio showed information which was out of date.

This can happen if the portfolio hasn't saves data to the MSN Money servers within 90 days. After 90 days, MSN Money tries to force an update and replace the data on your computer with the information it knows about. As over 90 days have passed, then this can cause the data to be overwritten with out of date information.

Other symptoms can include:
  • Recent transactions are missing.
  • Dividend notifications from months ago are re-appearing.
  • Changes you make are not saved.
  • Restoring a backup Portfolio file fails.
  • You receive an error message saying that "MSN Money cannot save your Portfolio to the server at this time."
  • You see a yellow exclamation point or a statement at the bottom of the Portfolio that indicates a problem syncing with the MSN Money servers.
To fix this, you'll need to reset your MSN Money data. You can do this by signing in to the MSN Money website. Next, go to MSN Money Accounts Page and then "Reset My Accounts" at the base of the page. Follow the instructions to remove all of the accounts. You can then restore the data from a recent backup file.

The backup file can be found under More->File Options->Restore backup in the portfolio. You should browse to your most recent one and use that.

Category: Investment

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