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TaxSaver in the UK is a product created by a company named Digita which, in some of the later versions, interfaces directly with Microsoft Money to help prepare UK tax returns.

Below are some product details on the TaxSaver product, as well as brief information on the US TaxSaver product which was released as a one off.

UK Taxsaver versions

TaxSaver 99 UK: B43-00009 (for UK tax year 1998/99)
TaxSaver 2000 UK (for UK tax year 1999/2000)
TaxSaver 2002 Deluxe UK included in Money 2003 Financial Suite (CDSET: X08-95627) (for UK tax year 2001/02)
TaxSaver 2003 Deluxe UK included in Money 2004 Financial Suite (CDSET: X09-66263) (for UK tax year 2002/03)
TaxSaver 2004 Deluxe UK included in Money 2005 Financial Suite (CDSET: X10-70237) (for UK tax year 2003/04)
TaxSaver for the UK tax year 2004/5 is being released differently, due to there not being a Money 2006 version in the UK - see Article 143

US Taxsaver version

Microsoft only released one version of this product. Since that time, Microsoft have relied on third party Tax software to do this work (such as TaxCut, TurboTax and others):

Microsoft TaxSaver Federal Deluxe 1.0 for tax year 1999

SKUs:B34-00006(NFR version)
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