Identification of the Stock Keeping Unit for a Microsoft Money product

If you have the packaging that your version of Microsoft Money came in, then the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is on a label on the box (usually at the top). This label may be in different colours, depending on when the product was released. The SKU is a code to identify the product.

See, for example, these Microsoft pages:To determine the SKU, notice on the label a 3 digit alphanumeric, followed by a hyphen/dash add then a longer alphanumeric code. It's slightly easier to see on this website, where it is directly under the large barcode on the left hand side. This is your SKU.

There are a number of pages on this website which relate to the actual SKUs of Microsoft Money products. You can find these by going to either the product viewer, the products FAQ category or using the Google search functionality on this website.

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