Promoting your account to be an administrator for Microsoft Money installation

If you need to make your account an administrative account, so that you can install Microsoft Money (see Article 326), then there are some simple step you can follow.
  1. First, login to the Administrator account on your machine (this is required so that you have the correct privileges to promote an account to be an administrator).
  2. Next, select Start->Control Panel
  3. Choose the 'User Accounts' option
  4. Press 'change an account'
  5. Choose the account you need to be able to install Microsoft Money as
  6. Press 'change my account type'
  7. Change the user to be a 'computer administrator'
  8. Press the change account type option
After logging out and then logging in as the original user, you can install Microsoft Money.

Once the program is installed, follow the steps above, but change the account back to a limited user account.

Category: Installation