Turning off download of stock or fund prices for specific stocks or funds

If you want to stop receiving downloaded stock or fund prices for a particular investment, you can selectively remove this investment from the download list.

This is especially useful if the downloaded price is incorrect for any reason, as it will leave your investment price history as is.

There are actually two mechanisms, either can be used (although see the note for the second option).
  1. Turn off download, leaving symbol intact - the first way is to remove the investment from the download list. This will not change any details about the investment.

    You can do this by going to the portfolio and pressing 'update prices', then 'pick online prices to download'. Choose the ones you want and
    don't want there. If you want to have a price downloaded, press the checkbox, otherwise leave it blank.

    Picking which investments to update or not update the stock or fund prices for

  2. Remove the symbol - the second way would be to remove the investment symbol. This can be done by navigating to the portfolio, and right clicking on an investment. Press the 'investment details' option and remove the symbol from it.

    Note that by removing the symbol, you will need to make sure you put the same one back should you subsequently need to have prices downloading again (you could use the 'comment' field to record what you deleted).
Once the investment is set to no longer download, you can press the 'update prices', 'update prices online' and will find the existing price for the investment has not changed.

If you have some incorrect prices prior to setting this up, you will need to delete them by going to 'update prices', 'update prices manually' and deleting them from there.

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