Setting up a frequent flyer account

Microsoft Money 2001 introduced a feature in the program to track Frequent Flyer miles (or other 'loyalty' type schemes such as airmiles, World Perks etc.). It is a relatively simple part of the program, and used by some people.

If you have Money 2001 or later, a short description of how to set up a frequent flyer account is below.

To set up an account, go to the Account List, and click on the 'Add a frequent flyer plan' option on the left hand side of the window (in some earlier versions, you may need to go to the 'Account setup' page instead).

You'll see a window, like the one below, which asks you for the name of the program. I am putting in the Air France/KLM program named 'Flying Blue'.

Entering the name of the frequent flyer program in Microsoft 
    (MS) Money

Click next, and you are prompted whether this is a miles or points scheme. Choose the appropriate option. Then press next, and put in the current (opening) balance. You can retrospectively add miles/points earned in the past if you like, so you could set this to zero and then put in all of the activity later.

Enter the opening balance 
    of a frequent flyer account in Microsoft (MS) Money

Some schemes have their miles or points expire over time. Choose the most appropriate expiry type. Depending on your choice, you'll see different windows in the next step. Your choices here are:
  • No expiry
  • Expires at the end of a calendar year
  • Expires in a fixed number of months
  • Expires if there is no activity within a period of time
I have chosen the last option, as the Flying Blue scheme miles expire if there is no activity.

Selecting the expiry type of a frequent flyer program

The next window will depend on the previously selected option. If you choose an expiry option, then you will see the choice of either the calendar year (the option is to expire at the end of a particular year), expiry after a certain number of months or expiry after inactivity. The options are all customizable.

Entering a frequent flyer expiry period when an inactivity 
    option is selected

Next, press next and associate the programme with a credit card (this is the window you'll go straight to if you didn't put in any expiry above). When you balance this credit card account, you'll be able to add reward points or miles to your frequent flyer plan.

Associating a credit card with a frequent flyer program in MS Money

Finally press Next, and then Finish, and the account will be set up. You'll be able to view this account in your account list, and the activity is also recorded in monthly reports (Article 249).

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