Online services with Nationwide (UK users)

If you need to disable and reactivate Money 2002, or install Money UK on another machine, then you might find that you can no longer reactivate online services with Nationwide Building Society.

Microsoft have deleted all of the *.mnn files from their server, effectively preventing you from reconfiguring your accounts. Therefore, Nationwide customers can no longer ever reinstall Money, or switch computers.

A workaround for this has been found though. Money looks at a text file, to decide where to get its configuration data from. This file is in C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Money\x.x\Webcache (where x.x corresponds to the version of Money you have (see also Article 92).

Find the line in it which says and change it to your own webserver (e.g., or alternatively change it to Note that I am not calling it 'nationwide.mnn', primarily because my hosting provider doesn't serve the file if I do.

If you host it yourself (which I prefer), you can download the file from the patches page (look in the 2002 section) and host it locally. Finally, you'll be able to reactivate Money.

Thanks to Chris for virtually everything on this article

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