Deleting all data in Money for the Pocket PC

If the data in your desktop version of Microsoft Money and that in the Pocket PC version have gotten out of sync and are showing different balances, then, to rectify this, you may need to resynchronize or delete the data on the handheld device. If you need to resynchronize all of the data in Money for the Pocket PC again, then you can do this through ActiveSync.

Assuming there is nothing on the Pocket PC in terms of Money data you care about (because you have it on the desktop version), you can remove the data on the Pocket PC by simply going to ActiveSync, selecting "Options" and selecting "Money". Then press "Settings" and the "tools" tab. An option to delete all of the data from the Pocket PC is on that window.

It is advisable to take a backup copy of your desktop Microsoft Money file before starting this procedure.

Image showing ActiveSync option to delete all Microsoft Money data

If you have some data you wish to keep, then you may need to synchronize first. Or, if the only data you have is on the Pocket PC device, then see Article 275 or Article 276.

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