Including an additional Nationwide account for download

If you're using Nationwide bank for automatic download of statements, and subsequently open another account, you may find that the new account isn't picked up for download, even though you have the same Customer Number.

The download continues to work, but the new account isn't available. There is no option to manually download the statement.

To fix this (and include all accounts in the download), you'll need to run through the following steps:
  • Open the account list and click on the option to manage online services (on the left menu)
  • Click on Nationwide Building Society and select modify
  • Select the 'Discontinue' option and then OK and Done until you return to the 'Manage online services' page again
  • Next, click on Nationwide to set it up again
  • You should enter the login details and then press OK. Then match the accounts to those in Money. The new account should have appeared and can be matched with an existing account (if you have already set it up in Money), or by creating a new one.
  • Press OK and select the transaction date range (note that you may have duplicates if you download the whole history of the new account as some date overlap could occur - you can match transactions as required to sort this out)
After the process is finished, the download should just work in the same way as before.

Thanks to Rob. on the Microsoft Money UK newsgroup for the information above

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