How do I hide the "update in progress" window in Money 2005

To update quotes or bank information from the internet in MS Money 2005, there is a button you can press in the top right of the screen, to force Money to connect to the internet and download information This displays an 'update in progress' window, which indicates that Microsoft Money is synchronizing with MSN Money.

In that window, there is a checkbox ("hide this message during updates") which allows you to hide the window, so the update is performed in the background whilst you can get on with other tasks. The window is shown below.

Update in Progress Window in MS Money 2005

Unfortunately, this checkbox doesn't work - it will allow you to hide the window for the current session, but when you next start the money, the window is shown again.

This problem is fixed in Money 2006 and later, but Money 2005 requires a workaround.

The workaround is to permanently hide the window. This can be done by either downloading the zipped registry fix from the patches page, or putting the text below into a Notepad file, save as a .REG (registry) file (i.e., save as something like 'hidewindow.reg') and then double-click it to import.



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