Unable to connect to Online services (A prior call has not been completed)

This error occurs if a previous call to a bank for an automatic or electronic payment has been interrupted or failed in an unexpected manner. The error message you may see could be one of the following:

A Prior Call has not been completed.
Money is unable to receive an e-mail response to your payment inquiry. Please contact your financial institution for information regarding your e-mail inquiry.

or maybe something like

Your last call was interrupted before it could be completed. Money will try to complete this call now. For more information on the possible causes of this error, click here.

This can occur if the connection to Online Services is interrupted during either an Epay (Electronic Payment) or an Apay (Automatic Payment). The connection could be interrupted if the speed of your Internet connection is slow, the Internet connection fails or the server at your financial institution is busy or slow.

The first thing to do to fix this problem, if you are using Money 2001 or earlier, is get the machine out of crash recovery mode. To do this, hold down Ctrl-Shift whilst you press the Cancel option on the screen which has the password box.

It is worth checking your date and time settings on the system, as if these are markedly different from the correct ones, the bank may reject your connection. In addition, check you have no firewall or other software (antivirus, antispyware) blocking your connection.

Also, check that the MSN Money site is available, especially if you're a US user with a version of Money 2005 or greater (Article 254).

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