Linking from transactions to external documents or images

Money Plus (all retail versions) has a long requested feature in allowing you to link from individual transactions in your accounts to external documents – such as linking to a statement or a scanned copy of a purchase receipt. It allows you to keep information at hand when you need to refer to it.

In the program, this is done on a transaction basis, which means each transaction can be linked to a separate file – for example an image, document or URL. Within the Money file itself, all that is stored is the link, and not the image. This helps keep the file size down. It does mean though, if you transfer the file to another machine, you will need to transfer the documents and images you have linked to.

It is very simple to set up – chose a transaction and right click on it.

Link to image or other file – Money Plus 2008

You’ll notice in the picture above that there is a new option named ‘Link to image or other file’. You should select this. You can then choose the location of the file you wish to link, and once linked a paperclip icon appears in the transaction row. It is possible to link directly to images on the internet using a URL. If you do this, you must be careful due to security issues. Money will prompt you in certain cases if it is unsure as to whether it will be safe:

Money does not recognize the file type for the linked file you asked to open. Opening the file may not be safe. Are you sure you want to open this file?

Should you wish to delete the file linkage, then you can easily do so by right clicking the transaction once again.

Remove link to file – Money Plus 2008

Selecting the option will allow you to remove the linkage. If you remove the link, the file is no longer associated, but neither are deleted or changed

If you remove the link to the file, the file will no longer be associated with this 
    transaction, but the file and transaction will not be changed. Are you sure you want to remove the link?

Article 338 does not apply to this version of Microsoft Money.

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