Localizing my US English (or other country) version for another language

The country related versions that Microsoft produce are tied to that country, so it is not possible to directly convert one to another. You would need to use the version that is produced in the country you want to use (or the international version if you don't have one) if you want specific localization.

For example, there is a French 2005 version of Money, and that would have the French language and use the French MSN. Similarly, the UK version is tied to the UK MSN and the English language. If you wanted a French version of Money, then you'd need this French version.

There isn't a simple procedure to swap a money file from one country's version to another easily, as files produced by each country's version are incompatible with each other. See Article 96 (incompatible version), Article 28 for QIF Import/Export).

For a list of the latest available versions per country or region, see Article 471.

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